You’ve lived in darkness for a little while
And then you set yourself free
You’ve roamed to flowers beneath the skies
And shared your grace with trees
You’ve taught us how to embrace a change
And see the world anew
To trust yourself in darkness’ range
And know the light’ll come through
Although your wings will no longer fly
Your wisdom is here and shared
From a caterpillar to a butterfly
Embracing the change that’s lived there

Darkness Fell


Darkness fell on a lovely city
Dimming all its lights
It dragged in fear with synchronicity
Turned a sun filled day into night

Winds extinguished burning candles
Tears were shed from far
Unremorseful cowardly vandals
A night sky without stars

Its not a battle for us to win
Or a war for us to lose
Its a wake up call for us to begin
To love one another and choose

To live in darkness, allow its reign
Or bring stars back to our skies
To let fear rule the hearts in pain
Or invite the sun to rise

The Light


Inside of me there’s a light that lives

A lantern to light the way

A soothing warmth it always gives

The speaker when I pray

Some assume there’s nothing there

but not everyone can see

The things I have, the clothes I wear

It’s the light, that defines me

For those of you who care to know

This light inside of me

Look in my heart, and I will show

How it was born to be

So for now, I sing out loud

 “This little light of mine”

Continue on, walking unbowed

“I’m gonna let it shine”

Inside of me there’s a light that lives

“Do you have one too?”

A warm hello and my love I give

To the light inside of you

The Seed


In the depth of darkness
covered in soil
the surface does not know
what is inside that grows

Within a hard shell
lies life in center
pushing roots into earth
anchoring down for its birth

Exhausted from labor
without time to rest
it reaches its arms out
to quench its long drought

A stem has been born
with leaves on the end
breaking out of the dirt
“I am alive” it asserts.

With long arms now
reaching out to the sky
every season that comes
to the elements it succumbs

In winter it sleeps
In Spring it bears fruit
In the summer it shades
In the fall its leaves fade

Looking up from below
time to just admire
how this incredible being
began its journey from a seedling.