Love Language


What’s the love language that speaks to you

For you to believe one’s love is true?

What’s the way for one to solve

How to win your heart and love?

Are you the one that takes to words?

It’s not the action, it’s what you heard?

It’s the “I love you, dear. You’re beautiful”

That makes the love so wonderful?

Are you the one that needs to see

A promise in action without plea?

The doing after the “ will be done”?

Is that how your lovely heart is won?

Are you the one that likes a box?

Flowers, diamonds, gifts unlock

The love that your heart loosely holds?

Unwrapping gifts, then love unfolds?

Are you the one that needs the time

Of the one you love to feel sublime?

To have attention that’s undivided

Is that how you want love provided?

Are you the one that needs to feel

The lips, the hands, the touch that’s real?

To have their body next to yours

Is that how love for you is ensured?

How love speaks to you, I may not know

But consider knowing how YOUR love flows

So we may love and get in return

The love we give and the love we yearn.