What if our purpose is to sit and observe
The ego’s claim of what it deserves
From shallow living to endless pleasures
Unsatisfied goals, inadequate measures
And in the observing we teach ourselves
All that’s external, inside it dwells
To find the freedom from the shackles of claim
You are the observer, not the ego with a name.



Brings to shore what hides in the deep
To wash away uncertainties we keep
And then exposes what’s left in the sand
To give an opportunity to begin again

Collect your shells and write your name
But be prepared for the tide to claim
What you’ve shared and let go
Only you and sea, will know.

Back to Center


Here I lay, admire the stars.

Contemplate the remarkable life that we are.

A tiny speck in this vast space;

Certain our world is the only place,

Where we are the center of all that is

Where we are the sun, the stars, and abyss.

Yet, lost in distractions and egoic agenda

Plugged into illusion and false propaganda.

Casting shadows on our flaws,

Impressing others with shallow cause.

Believing in stories which feed hate,

Dismissing messages of sealed fate.

But all it takes is to quiet the noise

To sit in the silence and revere in its poise

Feel in the breath the gift that is living

A selfless present the spirit is giving

A reminder, we’re not the center we serve

Back to center

We are part of the WHOLE of the universe.


We meet at dawn with the morning dew,

In the peaceful quiet of this day anew.

Admire the dance between rays and sky.

As the moon fades, a sweet kiss goodbye. 

Clouds invite soft melodies of colors,

An artful display of passionate lovers.

I humbly express my gratitude,

For the sunshine’s presence in solitude.

Conversation with Trees

FullSizeRender (3)

As I walk, upwards I gaze

Ask the trees, “what’s your message today?”

Begin my speech with a grateful heart

As my conversation with trees starts.

From my heart I let them know,

All of my secrets I bestow.

Confess my dreams and all my worries,

And tell them all of my great stories.

I often pause to just admire

Their essence in being, without desire.

And then I close my eyes to feel

All they find in me and heal.

While I continue to speak of me

The trees demand I stop and see

The beautiful gifts that I’ve been given

To “just be silent and listen.”

The rustling sounds of their branches

In the breeze their body dances

Twisting vines and falling leaves

A beautiful world it all weaves.

As my walk comes to an end

Thank you trees, for being a friend.

Thank you trees, for making me whole.

Thank you trees, for feeding my soul.

Today I’m Alive

Today I’m Alive. With Gratitude I open my eyes Today I’m Alive.

Today I’m Alive. With an open heart I receive this present “Thank you” I say to the sun, crescent Today I’m Alive.

Today I’m Alive. With intentions made I welcome the day, and with one step at a time I discover my way Today I’m Alive.

Today I’m Alive. With an ambitious ego, I seek the balance With a trusting soul, I listen to the silence Today I’m Alive.

Today I’m Alive.