The Butterfly

A butterfly begins its life crawling.

Then lives in darkness, cocooned away.

But it’s in the darkness it grows its wings

And becomes the magic we all have seen

From crawling to dancing in the wind…

We, too, can achieve such a beautiful thing.

Muddy Waters

When rivers that flow welcome the rain,

Awaken what’s dormant,

Muddy Waters remain….

In these muddy waters, reflections change.

Distortion stares back.

What was known, now strange.

For muddy waters, which lack clarity,

Hide under the surface

A profound austerity.

And these muddy waters, give nothing away.

No sign of life

Which may breathe beneath its sway.

But look a bit closer, and notice its crow.

Under murkiness of water,

There’s a current that flows.

The beauty is evident, in these waters so dark.

The pleasure of the unknown,

The imagination’s….spark.