“I’m Not Perfect, I Am Much Stronger Than That” – Rune Lazuli

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

When the mirror is asked:

Mirror mirror on the wall 

Who is perfect after all?

The mirror reflects back what we have defined as our flaws. It lists the names and pictures of the people we admire and strive to be like. It points to our insecurities and says, “See that? Not perfect at all.”

But that mirror mirror on the wall does not know the scars we wear, tell the stories of survival, of healed pain, of getting up after being knocked down. It does not know the beautiful mind behind those eyes. It does not know the creative potential our hearts hold. 

Perfection? No, thank you. Strength. Strength in being who we are. Strength in celebrating our differences. Strength in recognizing our own journey.

Next time, when the mirror is staring back at us, remind it:

“I am not perfect. I am much stronger than that.”

Mirror, Mirror

Salvdor Dali's Cranach Metamorphosis
Salvador Dali’s                     Cranach Metamorphosis

Mirror, mirror on the wall
There you go, point to my flaws
Here I am, sit and stare
At this body, naked and bare

Mirror, mirror on the wall
To your deceptive ways I fall
Blinded by your strong reflection
Prey to your cruel rejection

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Towering over, I feel so small
Worthless to your expectations
A child of God? Not this creation.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Closing my eyes so I may call
On the light that lives within
To shine its wisdom on my skin

Mirror, mirror on the wall
I accept you and your flaws
Embrace this body and how it’s made
Love myself, the light and shade.