Chasing the Sun

Vladimir Kush's the egg sun
Vladimir Kush’s the egg sun

Chasing the Sun
With high expectations and a hurried heart, you run.
Closing your eyes to the moon’s beautiful glow.
Taking no notice of the path the stars have to show

Chasing the sun
Craving the heat of the big ball of fire.
Guided solely by your ego’s filled desire.

Chasing the sun
With dark shades of glass to cover your eyes.
So to keep your sight upwards to the daytime skies.

Chasing the sun
Naïve mind undaunted of the foreseeable burn.
With the proud certainty, there is nothing more for you to learn.

Still Chasing the sun? Your time is passing fast.
Just please remember, it is not the destination
but the memories of the journey that last.