Celebrating 75….Grandma Wisdom.

1. “The top thing on my bucket list is…to have sex before I die.”
2. “Laughter is so important. Laugh at yourself, at each other. Laugh!”
3. “Enjoy people’s presence. Really enjoy them.”
4. “Have confidence in yourself. It’s the hardest thing for a woman, but don’t “think” you are beautiful. Know you are beautiful!”
5. “Family is the most important. Your family will always be there when you need them.”
6. “Be friends with your parents. When my mother was sick, she would do the funniest things and we would laugh. That felt good!”
7. “Be careful what you pray for”
8.”Do everything in moderation. Throw a magic mike movie in there…it was amazing! I was squeezing my coke so hard the top popped off and soda went everywhere.”
9. “Pick your battles. Don’t stay angry”
10. “Jealousy is poison. I spent a lot of my married life being that. Made things worse and it was a waste of good time.”
11. “Get up when you get knocked down. Meet it head on. Sometimes challenges are blessings in disguise.”
12.”Now that I’m 75, I know I’m lucky to be here. I know I’m lucky to have my health, but it’s scary now. Another year closer to mortality. You start to wonder how it will all end.”