Back To Divine

I’d like to think your soul was so pure
That this world’s pain was too much to endure
And so you decided it was not your time
You left my body and went back to divine
I am grateful for the shimmer of light that was you
I am grateful you chose my love to come to.

A Girl


A girl not nearly seventeen
Sat on the beach and cried
She looked at the world through troubled eyes
Was pregnant with her first child.

At home this girl knew nothing of love
Love, she never received
This child was her first faith in God
To bring the love she grieved

A mother who gave no soft touch
A father she never knew
With child, with faith, and desperate hope
The girl sought to escape truth

Many years have come and gone
Now a woman’s become of that girl
With child in tow and a gypsy heart
This woman traveled the world

After journeys and life’s gifts
This woman sits and ponders
Life has given and taken things
But a sadness still lingers

What this woman does not see
Is the success she has become
The child she cried with at the beach says:
“Through my eyes, you are one.”

Because success is not where you end up
It’s the courage to continue
It’s rising above all obstacles
And giving all the love in you.

My Moon, My Star, My Son


I look at you, my shining star

such a beautiful soul you are.

So very proud to be your Mom,

My moon, my star, my beautiful son.

Although the years have gone fast,

I cherish all the memories from past.

But I am so excited to see

The young man you’ll grow up to be.

So very grateful for your life,

And how much better you have made mine.

I love you to infinity and beyond

My moon, my star, my beautiful son.

The Woman

The giver, the keeper, the glue.
The Woman
The sensuous, the lover, the companion.
The Woman
The rock, the tree, the river
The Woman
The voice, the solitude, the anguish
The Woman
The wrath, the war, the peace
The Woman
The depth, the pleasure, the pain
The Woman
The sun, the moon, the star
The Woman
The birth, the life, the death
The Woman