“I don’t come from much…”

You come from the dry desert
And summer rains
You come from tree canopies
And sun rays
You come from wild flowers
Through concrete
You come from daylight
At midnight’s arctic
You come from the color of leaves
In the hills of fall
You come from deep oceans
And the wave’s call
You come from thunder rolls
And lightning strikes
You come from the new moon
In the night sky

You, my beautiful one, come from



You’ve lived in darkness for a little while
And then you set yourself free
You’ve roamed to flowers beneath the skies
And shared your grace with trees
You’ve taught us how to embrace a change
And see the world anew
To trust yourself in darkness’ range
And know the light’ll come through
Although your wings will no longer fly
Your wisdom is here and shared
From a caterpillar to a butterfly
Embracing the change that’s lived there

“Into The Forest I Go…

…to lose my mind and find my soul…”
To take my heart to nature’s beat
To soothe my eyes and deeply breathe.
To give my ears to singing birds
To silence thoughts and spoken words
To feel the sun through canopy’s dome
To give my soul a place to call home.

Listen, when the silence speaks.


Listen, when the silence speaks
It’s not in words that which you seek
It lives in the quiet of the dawn
And in the sunset once it’s gone
It comes uncovered in the night
When darkness sets, embracing light
Listen, when the silence speaks
It’s not in words that which you seek