“You Cannot Breathe the Air of Anxiety and Expect to Live in an Atmosphere of Peace” – Steven Furtick

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

This morning, some of us are rebuilding. Some of us are sitting with uncertainty. Some of us are saddened by the loss of a love gone too soon. Some of us are sitting in rubble. Some of us are holding on to the only thing we have left, faith.

Faith is strong; it’ll hold the door closed so hopelessness does not barge in. It reminds us to stand tall and to face the sun so our shadow falls behind us, but with the current atmosphere of constant change, many of which are out of our control, faith is tested. Our mind wanders to the places where the air is thick with anxiety and our tight grip on faith is slowly lost by our desperation to try to catch a breath of fresh air.

We gasp and take in more anxiety, as if the oxygen level on the planet has diminished and all we are able to focus on is that breath we need in order to find some faith again. Until we realize our breathing is shallow and we have forgotten the exercise of the deep breath. The breath where we inhale peace, where our chest rises and our rib cage expands as wide as it can, and where we exhale all that is holding our focus hostage – The worry, the hopelessness, the frustration, the fear.

Breathe. Breathe deeply. Expand the rib cage so the heart may have more room to beat for a few seconds. Close your eyes and breathe in deep. This breath is a gift. This life is temporary. The rebuilding will soon be the prelude to a home again. The uncertainty will soon bring answers. The sadness will soon become acceptance. The rubble will soon give way to a new foundation. Faith is always present and will accompany us for as long as we hold its hand. Take a deep breath and reach out your hand.

Darkness Fell


Darkness fell on a lovely city
Dimming all its lights
It dragged in fear with synchronicity
Turned a sun filled day into night

Winds extinguished burning candles
Tears were shed from far
Unremorseful cowardly vandals
A night sky without stars

Its not a battle for us to win
Or a war for us to lose
Its a wake up call for us to begin
To love one another and choose

To live in darkness, allow its reign
Or bring stars back to our skies
To let fear rule the hearts in pain
Or invite the sun to rise


We meet at dawn with the morning dew,

In the peaceful quiet of this day anew.

Admire the dance between rays and sky.

As the moon fades, a sweet kiss goodbye. 

Clouds invite soft melodies of colors,

An artful display of passionate lovers.

I humbly express my gratitude,

For the sunshine’s presence in solitude.

The Suitcase

The Burden by Jose Roosevelt
The Burden by Jose Roosevelt
During our journey, we collect many things. We pack it all into our suitcases and carry it around with us. If one were to open our suitcase, one would find our memories, our pains, our joys, our resentments, our loves, our hates, our secrets, our fears, our worries and our dreams. The heaviest items are the ones that are folded and packed with sadness, fears, anger, worry and resentment. The lightest items are the ones that are folded and packed with love, joys, compassion and our dreams. Most of us pack the heavier things and only make small room for the lighter items. We then wonder why life is so difficult? Why we always feel weighed down? Why we have problems that never seem to go away? Why we have animosity towards people? Why love never finds us? Why we sabotage ourselves?

When we open our suitcase and check our inventory; What are we carrying around? If it is the heavier things, unpack; Donate it to forgiveness, letting go and God. The souvenirs we take from our journey should be the ones we can admire with understanding, acceptance and learning. Let’s fill our suitcase with the lighter things and allow it to carry US.