“Ask Yourself Often: Am I Observing the Situation Accurately or Am I Projecting How I Feel Onto What Is Happening?” – Yung Pueblo

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

For many of us, we see life through lenses adjusted by life experiences.

Often times, we judge situations, people, and ourselves holding the baggage we carry around every day. This baggage may include, naivety, innocence, love, acceptance, and courage.  On the contrary, it may also include hurt, rejection, disappointments, and fear. Depending on the situation, our observation is only as accurate as what we have unpacked to help observe it.

Approaching life subjectively (in a way that is influenced by our personal feelings, aka baggage), gives life an undertone influenced by what we decide to unpack. Projecting how we feel onto a situation, already defines the moment and the experience. We see life from and with OUR experience and self-consumption. Our projection makes the situation about ourselves first and what it actually is, dependent on that.

Approaching life objectively (in a way that is not influenced by personal feelings), gives life free rein to create. This allows for life to project itself onto US. It invites space for us to learn something new about life and ourselves. We see life with no experience. Life projecting onto us makes the situation about what it is creating, teaching, and giving.

It is not easy to observe situations objectively; we all have our opinions, our judgments, and our life-shaping experiences. However, it is possible to pay attention to what we are unpacking when we are observing a situation. And if we are unpacking the things that cause us to not feel the best about others and ourselves, the hope is to objectively observe this fact, and pack wisdom to guide us along for the next time.



We give our energy to trivial things
How we look, what people think
Worrying about the coming days
Failing to fill the present with praise
Lost in thoughts while roses bloom
Escaping sunshine in search of gloom
Loving people who hurt our hearts
Mistreating those who accept those parts
These distractions are undeserving
Of any more time you have been serving
Say farewell, take love, and go
Rest your mind, let energy flow


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The sadness you harbor
Makes living much harder
And that resentment you hold
From all the lies you’ve been told
Won’t make your heart heal
Of the anger you feel
And all of those times
When they were unkind
Know it was not you
They were living THEIR truth
So forgive all the heartless
Shine on…LOVE regardless

Blind Spot

Eye of Horus

In this line of vision
There’s a blind spot that lives
Where unawareness exists
Where an unknown ignorance persists
But the spot disappears
When we change our perspective
So that we may observe the parts
We had unknowingly kept in the dark
However, the irony subsists
In not what is exposed
The flaw is in the illusion
That what we see is a final conclusion.
What we have to remember
A changed perspective shifts
Not only the viewer’s perception
But a newly formed blind spot’s


Vladimir Kush's surreal landscapes
Vladimir Kush’s surreal landscapes

Put your values in other’s hands

expect for them to lay out life’s plans

Concern yourself with their illusion

Be a prisoner to their conclusion

Know inadequacies are self-imposed

From insecurities you expose

These anxieties limit abilities

Reckless smothering of possibilities

Compare yourself to another’s surface

Ignore your reason, God-given purpose

Believe yourself to be inferior

Fall to opinions of false superiors

Know perspective impacts the view

You are the judge, but the object too

Trust you’re substandard or boundless adept

The mind only sees what it’s ready to accept


Salvador Dali's Gala of spheres
Salvador Dali’s Gala of spheres

Lately I have come to a conclusion,
All of life is but an illusion.

My perception of you,
Is what my mind tells me to be true.
Your assumption of me,
Is what you hope I will be.

The future we dream
Once there, is not what it seems.
The past we recall
With sentiments not felt then at all.

We treat obstacles as trouble;
And see challenges as problems.
But Once they are worked through,
We realize lessons were learned and we grew.

As so goes for love;
The universal language from which we evolve.
Often Confusing lust and desire.
Only to realize, it’s another’s love you admire

Lately I have come to a conclusion,
All of life is but an illusion