Closed Chapter


Close this chapter, the words are done
It’s time to continue, yesterday is gone
A new chapter awaits your presence
Shed your past’s skin, but take the lessons

Close this chapter, resume your story
Tomorrow will come, with all of its glory
Take your intentions and make them pure
Whatever is to come, is ready to be yours


Rho Ophiuchi and newborn star captured by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope
Rho Ophiuchi and newborn star captured by NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope

Is there such a thing as fate?

Something to just patiently await?

Is it written in the stars?

How this life will go from the start?

Are we born with this song complete?

And just march to life’s beat?

Is there an agreement already made?

Before we take on this crusade?

Once we take our first breath,

Is a date already set for death?

Do we hold it in our hands?

Lines in palms revealing plans?

Is it simple intuition?

Or in our closed eyed vision?

One of those questions to contemplate

Is there is such a thing as fate…..?

Past, Present, Future

“Carpe Diem”  -Horace

The past, a house where the ghosts of memories live. Memories, which evoke fondness, pains or regret; Inviting one to escape to the garden of oblivion or the hell of numbness.
The present, the truth. What is here and now. What is tangible. The outcome of the past and the pathway to the future. Which eventually becomes another room in the home of the past.
The Future, the vision of the foundation built in the past, but living in the present. The desires, anxieties and fears held tight by the experiences lived in the past and thought of in the present. The uncertain.

Living is done in the present, but cannot live if living is done in the past. Living is done in the present, but cannot live if living is done in the future. Living is done in the present. What once was can no longer be and what will be is not now.