So you hate…you hate, because you believe what is different is not right. You hate because you see with your eyes, instead of your heart. You hate because you follow a narrow path, instead of realizing the paths are many.
But once you realize, hate is simply caused by misunderstanding….you may love.
You may love what is different because you now know, the difference is what makes a “thing” the beautiful “thing” that it is.
You may love because your heart sees hearts. It does not see the labeled shells we wear, begging for the validation from other egos.
You may love because the beauty of life is the journey….and in the end, our destinations are the same. To go back to become dust.
What is different, is not wrong. What is hate, is what is wrong…and hate has never made this world a better place.

A journey with Jesus…the idea of….


…my opinion stands….Jesus was an enlightened man who should be admired for his teachings. The idea that he died for our sins so we will have eternal life is not enough of a statement for me to believe that statement as is. With that said, I would like to suggest “he died for our sins” is a metaphor. A metaphor that symbolizes he came here to teach us all how to approach ourselves, others, and God. To deliver us from the negativity we ourselves create like fear, hate and judgement. During my research, I have also found the story of Jesus’ life  is not only original to the bible, but also to the Hindu religion with the birth and life of Krishna, in the Buddhist religion with the story of Buddha, the story of Odysseus, the story of Romulus,the story of Dionysus, the story of Horus and a few more. This is not to try to take away anything from Christians, but to simply become a well rounded informed being. I am not one to put a limit on what God is, and I feel if we all limit our thoughts and do not expand our knowledge, we will do ourselves an injustice and reject all the ways God shows himself/herself. I will continue on my journey to learn more about Jesus’ teachings, as I have continued to learn about Gandhi’s teachings and Buddha’s teaching. I have found they are all very very similar. In fact, Gandhi himself believed the similar suggestion I have made about Jesus: “What, then, does Jesus mean to me? To me, he was one of the greatest teachers humanity has ever had. To his believers, he was God’s only begotten Son.* Could the fact that I do or do not accept this belief make Jesus have any more or less influence in my life? Is all the grandeur of his teaching and of his doctrine to be forbidden to me? I cannot believe so….” 

God…outside of the box


God is in the sunrise
God is in the sunset
God is in the breeze by the sea
God is every place I choose to be

God is in the highest mountain
God is in the deepest oceans
God is in the greenest land
God is in the dry desert sand

God is in the birds that fly
God is in the worm that crawls
God is in the bear that sleeps
God is in the willow that weeps

God is in my son’s eyes
God is in the tears I cry
God is in the smiles I see
God is inside of me

Love Wins…


Love wins!

A new page in history begins;

For equal rights across the land.

One nation, under God for which it stands.

For those of you who use the book

To call this “an abomination to God”, now look

Didn’t Jesus say “As the father has loved me, so have I loved you.”?

Would that not mean he loves your gay neighbor too?

Didn’t he also say “Judge not lest you be judged”

So I ask you, who are you today to begrudge?

Now let love do what it does best,

Spread itself across the rest

Embrace the change and feel the love

From me, your neighbor and our God above.

Love Wins!

Who are you to judge?


Who are you to judge my skin?
To be prejudice
to the body I am living in?

Who are you to judge my love?
To blindly hate on
this beautiful gift from above?

Who are you to judge my God?
to cast your stones
and call my creed a fraud?

Who are you to judge my dreams?
to mock the
future I plan to redeem?

Who are you to judge my story?
to celebrate my
failures and find fault in my glory?

Who are you to judge me so?
Oh now I see.
You are the one I point my finger to
forgetting three of those point right back at me.

Your Heaven, Their Hell

In your heaven, dinner is served.
In their hell, hunger pains keep them unnerved.
In your heaven, doors stay unlocked.
In their hell, boundaries are mocked.
In your heaven, a child runs free
In their hell, a caged bird dreams of a tree
In your heaven, the sky is clear
In their hell, bombs rain down on fear
In your heaven, your neighbor is like you
In their hell, prejudice and racism ring true
In your heaven, time is but time
In their hell, days are spent avoiding death’s chime
In your heaven, life is but a dream
In their hell, struggle is the theme.
In your heaven, god is good
In their hell, why are their prayers misunderstood?

In your heaven, a blindfold is worn.
So not to see, it’s in their hell, where your heaven was born.

Jesus, the metaphor

Jesus, the metaphor, is the seed planted for the tree which grows closer to the higher being which may be called God. Jesus, the metaphor, is the awareness that body and soul are separate, and the separation allows the soul to return to its source after it sheds its shell of a body. Jesus, the metaphor, is the acceptance of those not like you. Jesus, the metaphor, is acknowledging fear is a choice made. Jesus, the metaphor is forgiveness in the purest sense. Jesus, the metaphor, is pointing the finger and realizing three of them are pointed back at you. Jesus, the metaphor, is the kindness given to those who deserve it the least. Jesus, the metaphor, is recognizing an enemy is no such thing. Jesus, the metaphor, is giving selflessly. Jesus, the metaphor, is being present in today’s gift of a day. Jesus, the metaphor, is the treasure which lives in the home of the soul. Jesus, the metaphor, is the unattached to material possessions. Jesus, the metaphor, is the faith which carries us through life and delivers us to the source of love which created us in its image.