Rose Bush


I planted a rose bush
So I may admire
the flowers that bloom
and the love that’s transpired
but from this rose bush
there are thorns that grow
thus, be humble when loving
the entirety of a rose

The Rose

Some see petals

Some see thorns

Some see beauty

In these blossoms adorned.

Some love red

Some love white

Some love yellow

To express what words cannot write

Some give with love

Some give with gratitude

Some give to remind

another of their love’s magnitude

Some look to admire

Some look to receive

Some look to impress

The lost love one wants to retrieve

So “What’s in a name?”

As the Shakespearean quote goes,

“by any other name would smell as sweet”

This name, “we call a rose.”

Words Appear on a Page

Salvador Dali's The Meditative Rose
Salvador Dali’s The Meditative Rose

Words appear on a page
releasing a bird from a cage
to fly into whatever may come
a brave heart beating to its own drum

Words appear on a page
unclothed and alone on that stage
unrehearsed lines dismissing fear
unafraid of how it may appear

Words appear on a page
expressing love and a dying rage
exposing pain and accepting truth
a deep ache it’s trying to soothe.

Words appear on a page
purging the heart like burning sage
looking towards a brand new dawn
closing a chapter and moving on.

(For Samantha)