“I’m Not Perfect, I Am Much Stronger Than That” – Rune Lazuli

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

When the mirror is asked:

Mirror mirror on the wall 

Who is perfect after all?

The mirror reflects back what we have defined as our flaws. It lists the names and pictures of the people we admire and strive to be like. It points to our insecurities and says, “See that? Not perfect at all.”

But that mirror mirror on the wall does not know the scars we wear, tell the stories of survival, of healed pain, of getting up after being knocked down. It does not know the beautiful mind behind those eyes. It does not know the creative potential our hearts hold. 

Perfection? No, thank you. Strength. Strength in being who we are. Strength in celebrating our differences. Strength in recognizing our own journey.

Next time, when the mirror is staring back at us, remind it:

“I am not perfect. I am much stronger than that.”

“It’s Not How We Live in the Light That Enlightens Us, It Is How We Live in the Dark” – Rune Lazuli

“It’s Not How We Live in the Light That Enlightens Us, It Is How We Live in the Dark” – Rune Lazuli

Written for and published in The Seeds 4 Life

Like the full moon, we have the side we show the world. Some bask in the admiration others share, while some shy away from this glare.  

The dark side of the moon, however, is faced away from anyone to see and kept a mystery; but it’s in that mystery where the “living” happens.  This dark side of the moon goes undiscovered by outsiders, but the one that has a home there is you; and it’s in this home where “living” is authentically done.

To your dark side of the moon, how are you “living?”  Are you living at all?  Living under the spell of jealousies? Living under the spell of negative self-talk and senseless mental chatter? Living under the spell of insecurities and fear? Or is life there a world of self-discovery? A world of enjoying the silence and listening to its wisdom? A world of unconditional love for self?

As your new moon cycles in, ensure your dark side has kept a light on. A light strong enough for you to live in the serenity of the quiet admiration of your internal self, and so you may continue to shine when your full moon comes back around.