Mirror, Mirror

Salvdor Dali's Cranach Metamorphosis
Salvador Dali’s                     Cranach Metamorphosis

Mirror, mirror on the wall
There you go, point to my flaws
Here I am, sit and stare
At this body, naked and bare

Mirror, mirror on the wall
To your deceptive ways I fall
Blinded by your strong reflection
Prey to your cruel rejection

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Towering over, I feel so small
Worthless to your expectations
A child of God? Not this creation.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Closing my eyes so I may call
On the light that lives within
To shine its wisdom on my skin

Mirror, mirror on the wall
I accept you and your flaws
Embrace this body and how it’s made
Love myself, the light and shade.


Salvador Dali's Gala of spheres
Salvador Dali’s Gala of spheres

Lately I have come to a conclusion,
All of life is but an illusion.

My perception of you,
Is what my mind tells me to be true.
Your assumption of me,
Is what you hope I will be.

The future we dream
Once there, is not what it seems.
The past we recall
With sentiments not felt then at all.

We treat obstacles as trouble;
And see challenges as problems.
But Once they are worked through,
We realize lessons were learned and we grew.

As so goes for love;
The universal language from which we evolve.
Often Confusing lust and desire.
Only to realize, it’s another’s love you admire

Lately I have come to a conclusion,
All of life is but an illusion


Salvador Dali's The Melting Watch
Salvador Dali’s The Melting Watch

Here I am, complacent
Watching others chasing dreams
With a curious inclination
Did they wait for all lights to turn green?

Here I am, complacent
Day to night, night to day
Is my purpose not so blatant?
Did I lose my way?

Here I am, complacent
Wondering should I take the plunge?
Is it fear that holds me impatient?
Should I just stop and lunge?

Here I am, complacent
Not complacent, just obsessed.
The universe knows intention
Note to self: TRUST THE PROCESS.


Salvador Dali's Geopolitical Child
Salvador Dali’s Geopolitical Child

It’s the “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,”

The uncovering of lies and exposing the truth.

It’s the “what goes around comes back around”

The waiting for what has gone up to come back down.

It’s  the “where the mind goes, energy flows”

What is focused on is what grows.

It’s the river that flows into the sea

Evaporating back up, raining down onto the trees.

It’s the reaction to another’s action

Revenge and hate, a blind distraction.

It’s the dying of ego to be reborn

The healing of a heart after it has been torn

It’s shouting into the dark and frightening cave

It’s the echo that returns with the message you gave

It’s the lovely cosmic law and order, Dharma

It’s the unbiased effect of the cause, Karma.

Words Appear on a Page

Salvador Dali's The Meditative Rose
Salvador Dali’s The Meditative Rose

Words appear on a page
releasing a bird from a cage
to fly into whatever may come
a brave heart beating to its own drum

Words appear on a page
unclothed and alone on that stage
unrehearsed lines dismissing fear
unafraid of how it may appear

Words appear on a page
expressing love and a dying rage
exposing pain and accepting truth
a deep ache it’s trying to soothe.

Words appear on a page
purging the heart like burning sage
looking towards a brand new dawn
closing a chapter and moving on.

(For Samantha)