The Sea

There’ve been many times I’ve asked the sea
“What is it that I should strive to be?
I know to be kind, I know to be brave
I know to kiss shores, as do your waves
I know to have passion, I know to love
I know this shell is not all I am made of
I know to be silent, I know to rise high
I know to let surface, mirror the sky
I know to be grateful, I know to live now
I know to live life without knowing how.



Brings to shore what hides in the deep
To wash away uncertainties we keep
And then exposes what’s left in the sand
To give an opportunity to begin again

Collect your shells and write your name
But be prepared for the tide to claim
What you’ve shared and let go
Only you and sea, will know.

The Sea and Me


Gaze into the far horizon
Where you meet it with a kiss
Waves dance to your rhythmic heart beat
Shore prepares not to resist.

Looking out to my horizon
Not a clue where it may lead
Trust it’ll take me to the places
Where my heart would like to beat.

In your depth a mystery lies
Wonder what is kept a secret?
With an unprotected vastness
Is what’s hidden what is sacred?

What you choose not to reveal
Also lives inside of me
Guard with love all that I treasure
Secrets, dreams, and mysteries

In adoration, I confess
Feet in sand and eyes to sea
Salt breeze playing with my hair                                             In this presence I AM free

Still Waters


They say, “still waters run deep”.

A calming surface, dozing sleep. 

Reflecting back what peaks through

No judgments shared, just a mirror image of you.

The wind blows it’s cool breeze

To ripple these “still water’s” ease.

Then clouds send the hard felt rain.

Pattering on the glass like surface pane.

After these elements visit and leave,

These “still waters” settle back down with ease.

No evidence of any bother on the surface.

The elements contemplate “what was my purpose?”

But they never thought to once wonder,

What in the world lives down under?

Is it beautiful treasures which hides there?

Or maybe a vast wasteland empty and bare?

Is it a monster ravenous with anger?

Or a darkness so deep, an uninviting stranger?

So you ask the water, “how deep do you go?”

“Staring at your own reflection, you’ll never know.

You’ll have to jump in so you can see,

How deep these ‘still waters’ can be.”

The Light


Inside of me there’s a light that lives

A lantern to light the way

A soothing warmth it always gives

The speaker when I pray

Some assume there’s nothing there

but not everyone can see

The things I have, the clothes I wear

It’s the light, that defines me

For those of you who care to know

This light inside of me

Look in my heart, and I will show

How it was born to be

So for now, I sing out loud

 “This little light of mine”

Continue on, walking unbowed

“I’m gonna let it shine”

Inside of me there’s a light that lives

“Do you have one too?”

A warm hello and my love I give

To the light inside of you