“Don’t Play Victim to Circumstances You Created” – Unknown

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

Our lives are lived through seasons. The season to learn, the season to grow, the season to be silent, the season to speak up, the season to observe, or the season to act. 

Whichever season we are in, we are reaping the harvest we planted with whatever intention we used to plant our seeds. If we planted our harvest in anger, we should not be surprised to reap a hostile and resistant harvest. If we planted our harvest in joy, we may expect to reap a harvest of blissful crops. 

Our seasons may provide for wonderful opportunities to build the harvest of our character. It may provide for important opportunities to aid us in continuing to peel back the layers of ourselves and invite us to dive deep into the waters of introspection. However, we can only appreciate our harvest, if we are honest with ourselves in what intention we planted our seeds with the circumstances the season of our lives provided. 

There may be many seasons when the harvest does not produce what is needed, but before cursing life, we need to think back to the days of planting and remember what kind of state of mind we were planting in. 


The Seed


In the depth of darkness
covered in soil
the surface does not know
what is inside that grows

Within a hard shell
lies life in center
pushing roots into earth
anchoring down for its birth

Exhausted from labor
without time to rest
it reaches its arms out
to quench its long drought

A stem has been born
with leaves on the end
breaking out of the dirt
“I am alive” it asserts.

With long arms now
reaching out to the sky
every season that comes
to the elements it succumbs

In winter it sleeps
In Spring it bears fruit
In the summer it shades
In the fall its leaves fade

Looking up from below
time to just admire
how this incredible being
began its journey from a seedling.