Deep Seeded



A seed was planted long ago
Watered by the thinking
Some resentments hard to let go
Giving this seed living
Guiding its growth to the light
Pulled back by the darkness
Ego, hate, and selfish pride
Keeping this seed heartless
Time to go back to its roots
Find out what it needs
If we want to bear good fruit
Love and accept this seed.

“I Never Lose. Either I Win or I Learn.” – Nelson Mandela

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life

Uncertainties may live in our trying; the uncertainty of the outcome, of our abilities, or even of our decision to try at something.

Many of us try, fall, get back up, dust ourselves off, and try again. Many of us try, fall and stay there for a little while; wondering if it is even worth to try again. But we try again – we may fail or we may succeed. The uncertainty remains, but there is a gift waiting to be accepted – the lesson.

The lesson is the certainty in the trying. It is the help line we pick up when we fall to help us in trying again. It is the bumper sticker we can add to the collections of all the others we have been gifted over the years, to remind us the value of our life is in our journey and how we travel it.

Try, fail, get back up, try again, we may succeed, we may fall again. But pick up the lesson, carry it with you and allow it to be the friend you need when you are looking at the face of uncertainty.

Listen as it whispers to you, “I am here to help you grow, you will never lose. So let’s try again.” Onward!

The Seed


In the depth of darkness
covered in soil
the surface does not know
what is inside that grows

Within a hard shell
lies life in center
pushing roots into earth
anchoring down for its birth

Exhausted from labor
without time to rest
it reaches its arms out
to quench its long drought

A stem has been born
with leaves on the end
breaking out of the dirt
“I am alive” it asserts.

With long arms now
reaching out to the sky
every season that comes
to the elements it succumbs

In winter it sleeps
In Spring it bears fruit
In the summer it shades
In the fall its leaves fade

Looking up from below
time to just admire
how this incredible being
began its journey from a seedling.