“Before the Truth Can Set You Free You Need to Recognize Which Lie Is Holding You Hostage”-Rachel Wolchin

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

The things we tell ourselves are the seeds we plant for perspective’s harvest. We reap what we have convinced ourselves of. Everything from who we are, to what we can achieve, and to the role other people play in our lives. But often times, after harvesting what we have planted, our seeds grow to become things foreign to our intention.

It is in those intentions where the truth and lies we tell ourselves, live. When what we have harvested seems foreign and unusual, it is our aspiration to free ourselves from the shackles of the lies we watered our seeds with.

Lies about our limited capabilities and inferiority. Lies about who loves us and who is good in our lives. But before we clear our garden and start anew, we need to understand which lie is keeping the truth from allowing us to re-plant our seeds and grow a garden in which we can harvest all the good things we are deserving of.

Be honest, be intentional. Be prepared to unlock the chains tying you to roots which do not provide for the goodness of your soul. Plant more seeds, reap the harvest.

“Put Down the Pen Someone Else Gave You. No One Ever Drafted a Life Worth Living on Borrowed Ink” – Jack Kerouac

Written For and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

Here we are. With the pen of expectations. Creating a list of goals to achieve and marking off our to-do lists with a sense of accomplishment. We hang our degrees on the wall and read aloud our written success stories to feel that pat on the back, and quickly move on to write the next chapter to boast about and prove to the world we are worthy of praise. These are the stories we write, with an ink pen that may not be ours to begin with.

We began our chapters on blank pages. As a child, we wrote from our hearts. With limitless dreams, we wrote in color and included a picture. As the world became smaller, we were told what to be, what not to be, what to say, what not to say. That some of our dreams were so out of reach, the universe swallowed them whole and never allowed us to see a glimpse of them again, they were now somewhere beyond the stars.

But we continue to write our story; though, now, our hands are sometimes guided by outside expectations.  Expectations which force us to be whatever society demands of us.

So here we are. With the pen of expectations, continuing to write, but with a choice – a choice to put down the pen of writing guided by external expectations, or to give back the borrowed ink and introduce the colors back into our pages; our colors, our desires, our expectations, our dreams.  

We are worthy of not only praise, but of pulling our dreams back out of those stars. Onto writing of the next chapter, my hope for you is to see pictures included and limitless possibilities written.

“Each Moment Has an Unrealized Dimension of Beauty That Only Your Perspective Can Liberate” – Bryant McGill

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

“Live in the moment…” they always say – but for many of us, this action is fleeting. We become conscious of this for a little while and then fall back to our daydreams and our thoughts of yesterdays.

Bouncing from our hopes for the future to the memories of the past.  This is our perspective.

As we daydream, however, there exists a place waiting to be seen. It’s sitting in the blind spot of our anxieties. The anxieties about what we have planned for tomorrow and the mistakes from yesterday we do not want to repeat.

This place is a place of realization, a place of peace, a place free of the illusion of what could be and what was. This place is each present moment – the awareness of what IS.

How beautiful to be aware of what IS.

To be breathing, to be alive, to be conscious. To understand both yesterday and tomorrow only exists as an idea in our minds. To be able to experience what IS without having to dig it up in a memory or to picture it in a daydream of the future.

It is here, it is now, it is waiting to be seen and liberated. Open your eyes and greet this gracious reality. It is always there ready to be admired, embraced, and realized.

“To Define Is to Limit.” -Oscar Wilde

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

I am, you are, we are, they are. What follows the beginning of those sentences sets the tone for the rest of the story. It paints the picture before the picture is complete and invites our imagination to play in the shallow ends of creativity.  

But what if the word that followed I am was, LIMITLESS? What if the word that followed you was, FREE? What if the word that followed we are was, ONE? What if the word that followed they are was, ABLE?

To what place does our imagination take us to when we use these words of potential? When we don’t classify ourselves into the micro level classifications?

How we define ourselves and others can be a view into the ever expanding universe or a glimpse into a chest deep pool.  We can see ourselves, and each other, as capable of immeasurable potential or of limited capabilities. It is the words followed by those first two powerful words… I am, you are, we are, they are…that sends our imagination to play with creativity and into all of the possibilities that await us.

“Remember, When You Point a Finger at Someone, There Are Three More Pointing Back at You” – Unknown

Written for and published in The Seeds 4 Life:

How easy it is for us to point at each other and criticize one another’s shortcomings, flaws, and wrong doings? How easy it is for us to point at each other and blame one another for our hurts and disappointments?

While we are blaming and criticizing others, we are forgetting one important fact: when we point the finger at someone, three of them are pointed right back at us.  They point back at us to remind us that regardless of who or what we may feel is responsible for our current state and situation, ultimately, the responsibility is ours. We have three times more control than the one we point our finger to. We also have three times more responsibility than the one we point our finger to.

They also point back at us to remind us, the imperfections we point out in others are also in us. When we are pointing at another’s shortcoming’s and flaws, we are only defining ourselves as intolerant and judgmental. Those three fingers pointed back at us reminds us to self-reflect and recognize, and accept our imperfections and shortcomings instead of pointing them out in another.

When we point our finger at the world, we give up control of where and what we are. This shifts responsibilities for our actions and reactions to others, when in fact, it is ours. We are responsible for our actions, as well as our consequences.  We can either be slaves to the belief the world is to blame or we can recognize we are powerful beings in this world, capable of creating love and positive change.

As Mahatma Gandhi once encouraged, “BE THE CHANGE.” This does not begin by pointing the finger, it begins by paying attention to the three pointed back at ourselves.

The Garden

Vladimir Kush's Flower Life
Vladimir Kush’s Flower Life

Pick your intention and plant your seeds.

Is it ego or spirit the intention feeds?

With each sow, a story is born.

In each reap, an expectation is worn.

As this garden starts to grow,

“Where our mind goes, energy flows.”

Watering weeds or beautiful flowers,

What we nurture, choice is ours.

Did you choose to grow trees?

Grow so tall to see the seas?

Not only tall but deep in roots?

Strong and beautiful bearing fruits?

Did you choose to grow weeds?

Never planted any seeds?

Lacked the spirit fed intention?

With energy streaming towards lackluster attention?

If it’s picking from fruit bearing trees

Or cursing at the overgrowth of weeds;

As you reap what you have sown,

It’s from your intentions they have grown