5 Reasons Why You Are Worthy

1. You are not your past!

So many of us have allowed the past to haunt our present; from the loves lost to the unfinished degree. Going through the inventory of what ifs and mentally beat ourselves up about how much further we should be in life. We pass by opportunities because we are so invested in the regrets of our pasts and the shame of our mistakes, that we do not feel deserving of something better. However, realize, you are not your past; you are not your mistakes. Your past was an experience which you can add to the résumé of your life as an accomplishment. Failed or passed, you went through it and survived! You are not your past! You are the accomplished survivor!


2. Other’s Perception of you is not in your image, it is in their image.

What will everyone think? How will I be perceived if I showed this side of myself? These are the questions we ask ourselves before shedding the mask we put on before facing the world. Truth is it does not matter what everyone will think or how everyone will perceive you; People will only see you based on the way they see themselves first. People will only see you based on how they approach the world. Perception is a way of regarding, understanding or interpreting something. Not everyone will regard, understand or interpret you the same. Shed your mask, be bold, be confident.


3. Your experience can be the beacon to inspire others

“No man is an island; Entire of itself, Every man is a piece of the continent, A part of the main.” John Donne, this passage from the poem can be a great way to interpret how we are all connected. We are all guaranteed to have an impact on at least one other person in this world. Many of our actions can be a direct consequence of someone’s reaction, just as much as our action can inspire another’s reaction. Why not inspire positive action and reaction? Why not be an example? Why not be the change? Often times, the message we are waiting for is the one we have to give.



4. Everything that you believe yourself to be is something you have told yourself you are.

What does your self-dialogue sound like?  Are you calling yourself names or are you praising yourself for a day well done? Are you beating yourself up for your blunders or are you cheering yourself on through experiences? The opinion we have of ourselves does not come from outside influences, it actually comes from your inside influence. If you believe yourself to be capable, deserving, smart, funny and beautiful, that is what you are. You are the storyteller of your own essence. An outside influence may try to edit your story, but that story will only change if you allow it to change. That outside influence has to come through the gates of acceptance first. If you accept that you are what others say you are, that is another section you have added to the story you tell yourself. You are the writer and you are writing in pencil. Erase what does not serve your worthiness.


5. You are in control!

You are in control of what you allow or do not allow in your life. You are in control of what opportunities to take or to bypass. You are in control whether to settle or to chase and conquer the impossible. You are in control of the story you tell yourself. You are in control of how much effort to feed your happiness or misery. You are in control of who is allowed to take up space in your life. You are in control where you invest your energy. You are in control of your worthiness. You can let worthiness be a self-imposed limitation or a complete liberation, up to you



Enough in comparison
Enough in expectation

What you see outside, can never measure up on the inside.

Enough in the past
Enough in the future

What was done in past comes to haunt the future.

Enough in success
Enough in failure

What defines success, is the product of failure.

Enough in sadness
Enough in happiness

What happiness surfaces, sadness suffocates.

Enough in serenity
Enough in chaos

What serenity remains, chaos takes advantage of.

Enough in words
Enough in action

What words are spoken, actions speak louder.

Enough in thought
Enough in consciousness

What lingers in thought, consciousness dismisses.

Enough in humility
Enough in egoism

What inflates humility, deflates ego.

Enough in living
Enough in dying

What keeps living, is on the journey to dying.

I am

“Study me as much as you like, you will not know me, for I differ in a hundred ways from what you see me to be. Put yourself behind my eyes and see me as I see myself, for I have chosen to dwell in a place you cannot see.”


I am star dust. I am the vastness of the universe. I am the mystery of the unknown and the questions of the known. I am the sunrise in the east and the sunset in the west. I am the new moon and the waxing and waning crescents. I am a drop in the ocean and the grain in the sand. I am the flaw seen in you and the perfection you believe yourself to be. I am what is good and what is evil. It is all part of me. I am perception, I am me.