Jose Roosevelt's Architectural Awakening
Jose Roosevelt’s Architectural Awakening

Eyes to the world, how strange we are

Judging and comparing each other’s scars.

With smiling faces we say hello

Our honest thoughts, nobody knows.

Facades stay perfect, false expressions

Ensure we make the “right” impression

We fail to realize, we can’t control

How someone else defines a soul.

So what to do, but kindly observe

The strange relationships that we serve.

But don’t fall prey to fake intentions,

Allow intuition to guide pretensions

And if they see, you see them too

Set the example, be true to you.

Because the masks will fall away

Exposing fragile molded clay.

Eyes to the world, now we shall see

How perfect to be bare can be

To be ourselves is not so strange

To be a soul, to be the change.

The scarcity of genuine

A room full of masks. Hiding the dark side of their moon. Pointing their camera where the light is manipulated to shine brightest. Smiling at one another with diamond teeth, but rotten roots. Speaking to one another with compliments, but shallow intentions. Listening to one another with curiosity, but ill wishes.
The scarcity of genuine lives in a room full of masks.