You’ve lived in darkness for a little while
And then you set yourself free
You’ve roamed to flowers beneath the skies
And shared your grace with trees
You’ve taught us how to embrace a change
And see the world anew
To trust yourself in darkness’ range
And know the light’ll come through
Although your wings will no longer fly
Your wisdom is here and shared
From a caterpillar to a butterfly
Embracing the change that’s lived there

“Into The Forest I Go…

…to lose my mind and find my soul…”
To take my heart to nature’s beat
To soothe my eyes and deeply breathe.
To give my ears to singing birds
To silence thoughts and spoken words
To feel the sun through canopy’s dome
To give my soul a place to call home.


Strong with the pain
Strong with the tears
Strong with release
Of all haunting fears

Strong with the love
Strong with the faith
Strong with the certainty
Of life’s flow of change

Strong with the gratitude
Strong with the giving
Strong with the promise
For the soul to keep on living