They say….

They say you grew big from a seed
Planted here, kind of like me
They say you swam in darkness a while
Listening to a heartbeat, can you hear mine?
They say you took your first breath and cried
Not of sadness but to express your might
They say you see this world with wonder
With a curious heart and much left to ponder
What they do not say, is what you will become
My hope…
someone who knows, you and I, are one.

Autumn…the beginning

Soaking in your beautiful green.
Until the Equinox harvests this scene.
And when your leaves begin to fall,
Nostalgia’ll bring me to the start of it all.
But along with you, I’ll shed what has died.
I’ll part ways with ego….your wisdom’ll be my guide.



I’ll take this step to be with you
To be in your silence, to be in your truth
Follow this path to where it may lead
Admire these wonders you’ve shared with me
Withhold my judgements of how you’ve grown
Will study your details from water to stone
I’ll give you the gift of my attention
Revere my existence in your dimension
Will close my eyes to feel your center
Then open them wide so to remember.
Continue to create these memories
Of your beautiful world of mysteries.