“Sometimes We Are Taken Into Troubled Waters Not to Drown, but to Be Cleansed.”– Unknown

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

Standing at the shore, waves makes their way to our feet and begin to pull us into life’s waters. Some of us float right in and some are pulled in by its current. 

This pull takes us without asking if we know how to swim. It introduces us to waves, some towering over our heads giving us the anxiety of anticipation – when will they break and crash onto us? And they always do. Come crashing down, pulling us under and turning our world upside down. We flail in darkness desperately looking for the flickering light to guide us to surface so we can breathe.

And that light is always there. Let me assure you. 

It is always there for those who give in to a moment of surrender. Not to defeat, but to faith. 

Faith that in calmness, that same water which pulled us in and flooded our senses, will also defy gravity so we may float back up to breathe. And once at the surface, we are a changed person. We are survivors. 

We have felt fear and invited faith to meet it. We are aware that darkness exists in a closed mind and light is patiently waiting for us to open ourselves and invite it in. We have heard more in stillness than in chaos. We are renewed. We are cleansed….and we are prepared for the next wave.