Rose Bush


I planted a rose bush
So I may admire
the flowers that bloom
and the love that’s transpired
but from this rose bush
there are thorns that grow
thus, be humble when loving
the entirety of a rose


Dianne Poinski’s Orchid Study IV

Adore the beauty from afar
Detach yourself from longing
Loving something with your heart
Will only cause pain in wanting
Speak “I love you” with an act
Sometimes words may fail
Release the fear of what comes back
Adore the love and exhale

My Moon, My Star, My Son


I look at you, my shining star

such a beautiful soul you are.

So very proud to be your Mom,

My moon, my star, my beautiful son.

Although the years have gone fast,

I cherish all the memories from past.

But I am so excited to see

The young man you’ll grow up to be.

So very grateful for your life,

And how much better you have made mine.

I love you to infinity and beyond

My moon, my star, my beautiful son.