“Life Is Only a Reflection of What We Allow Ourselves to See” – Trudy Symeonakis Vesotsky

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life

What kind of lens are you seeing life through?

Is it the lens of bitterness? Reflecting a life of resentment and disappointments? Where anger bubbles on the surface and keeps your heart hardened?  

Is it the lens of contentment? Reflecting a life of joy and progress? Accepting this beautiful gift that’s life and extending your hand to journey with it?

Is it the lens of fear?
Reflecting a life of living so far from the edge, you can’t even feel the breeze of possibilities?

Is it the lens of courage?
Reflecting a life of opportunities taken and the growth experienced from jumping into faith?

Is it the lens of victimization?
Reflecting a life of pointing the finger at everyone and everything you have convinced yourself is at fault for where you are?

Is it the lens of love?
Reflecting a life of complete compassion? Compassion for yourself? Compassion for others?

I ask you again? What kind of lens are you seeing life through? If it is one that is not fueling the constructive evolution of your being, change the lens.

You hold the power in the vision and how life reflects back what you allow yourself to see.

Blind Spot

Eye of Horus

In this line of vision
There’s a blind spot that lives
Where unawareness exists
Where an unknown ignorance persists
But the spot disappears
When we change our perspective
So that we may observe the parts
We had unknowingly kept in the dark
However, the irony subsists
In not what is exposed
The flaw is in the illusion
That what we see is a final conclusion.
What we have to remember
A changed perspective shifts
Not only the viewer’s perception
But a newly formed blind spot’s


“Clutter is a physical manifestation 
of fear that cripples our ability to grow.” 
H.G. Chissell 

Taking up mental space, whispering insecurities into the mind.
Feeding fear a five course meal and continuing feeding it past fullness
Collecting tangible things to fill an intangible black hole thought to reside deep in the soul.
Marking a territory not to be settled or owned.
Distracting vision from the beauty of a rose to see what satisfies the ego.
Convincing space it has enough room for more and cramming so much to avoid mobility.
Spreading itself on the surface covering the way into the space where true abundance resides.
It is clutter, all just Clutter.