Vladimir Kush's surreal landscapes
Vladimir Kush’s surreal landscapes

Put your values in other’s hands

expect for them to lay out life’s plans

Concern yourself with their illusion

Be a prisoner to their conclusion

Know inadequacies are self-imposed

From insecurities you expose

These anxieties limit abilities

Reckless smothering of possibilities

Compare yourself to another’s surface

Ignore your reason, God-given purpose

Believe yourself to be inferior

Fall to opinions of false superiors

Know perspective impacts the view

You are the judge, but the object too

Trust you’re substandard or boundless adept

The mind only sees what it’s ready to accept


Vladimir Kush's Dream Catcher
Vladimir Kush’s Dream Catcher

Skin tone, Beautiful smile

Shy smirks, Mysterious eyes

Darkness of hair, Softness of lips

Curves of the body, Hands grips

Quiet demeanor, Internal dialogues

New perspectives, Intelligent monologues

Amusing humor, Brilliant mind

Consistent actions,  A heart so kind

Open affection, No expectations

Exposed adoration, No hesitations

Sharing of self, An open core

Expressive sentiments, A depth to explore

Begin on the outside, And then move in

Peel back the layers, Starting with skin

Pulled in from surface, On to the heart

Attraction is met, To create love’s art.

The Garden

Vladimir Kush's Flower Life
Vladimir Kush’s Flower Life

Pick your intention and plant your seeds.

Is it ego or spirit the intention feeds?

With each sow, a story is born.

In each reap, an expectation is worn.

As this garden starts to grow,

“Where our mind goes, energy flows.”

Watering weeds or beautiful flowers,

What we nurture, choice is ours.

Did you choose to grow trees?

Grow so tall to see the seas?

Not only tall but deep in roots?

Strong and beautiful bearing fruits?

Did you choose to grow weeds?

Never planted any seeds?

Lacked the spirit fed intention?

With energy streaming towards lackluster attention?

If it’s picking from fruit bearing trees

Or cursing at the overgrowth of weeds;

As you reap what you have sown,

It’s from your intentions they have grown

Chasing the Sun

Vladimir Kush's the egg sun
Vladimir Kush’s the egg sun

Chasing the Sun
With high expectations and a hurried heart, you run.
Closing your eyes to the moon’s beautiful glow.
Taking no notice of the path the stars have to show

Chasing the sun
Craving the heat of the big ball of fire.
Guided solely by your ego’s filled desire.

Chasing the sun
With dark shades of glass to cover your eyes.
So to keep your sight upwards to the daytime skies.

Chasing the sun
Naïve mind undaunted of the foreseeable burn.
With the proud certainty, there is nothing more for you to learn.

Still Chasing the sun? Your time is passing fast.
Just please remember, it is not the destination
but the memories of the journey that last.