You’ve lived in darkness for a little while
And then you set yourself free
You’ve roamed to flowers beneath the skies
And shared your grace with trees
You’ve taught us how to embrace a change
And see the world anew
To trust yourself in darkness’ range
And know the light’ll come through
Although your wings will no longer fly
Your wisdom is here and shared
From a caterpillar to a butterfly
Embracing the change that’s lived there

Never Apologize for Burning Too Brightly or Collapsing Into Yourself Every Night. That Is How Galaxies Are Made – Tyler Kent White

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life

The world pulls us to so many places. Gravity keeps our feet on the ground, and we run as fast as we can from one priority to the next. Some of us stop long enough to look at the stars, others have no idea stars exist. Some of us are traveling lightly; some of us are dragging baggage too heavy to carry. Some of us are lighting the way, some of us are still looking for the match.

The certainty lies in the evidence, we are all journeying along. Discovering our paths and piecing our hearts together with all of the stories we are living. Running, Walking, Skipping…we are all on our way. There is no need to apologize for your journey, for your light, for your darkness, for your openness, or for your discretion.

Keep on going, on your scenic routes or desolate paths. Burn bright, or collapse into yourself. After all, you are on your way to becoming a galaxy. Carry on.


Strong with the pain
Strong with the tears
Strong with release
Of all haunting fears

Strong with the love
Strong with the faith
Strong with the certainty
Of life’s flow of change

Strong with the gratitude
Strong with the giving
Strong with the promise
For the soul to keep on living

“You Are Confined Only by the Walls You Build Yourself” – Andrew Murphy

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life

In a small room we convince ourselves that is all we are deserving of. Inside of those four walls, we make ourselves comfortable, and create a world limited to what we have built around us. We look out of the window from time to time, admiring those who built no walls around them. They walk freely, they run freely, they love freely, without any walls stopping their pace.

In our admiration we wonder, “How can I be like them?”– Not realizing the window we are looking out of, is in the room with the four walls WE ourselves have built. We built those walls with our insecurities, our fears, our self-proclaimed inadequacies. We built those walls with lack of faith, external validation seeking, and failed expectations. We built those walls to protect a broken heart, to hide our true selves, and to avoid being defined by society. Brick by brick, higher and higher. And so, we live within our creation. Limited to our four walls.

Fortunately for us, bricks made of insecurities, fears, and all of those other destructive adopted ideas, are weak. They can be punched out and destroyed by believing in ourselves, incorporating faith, and practicing self-love. Every day, punch a brick out. Let the fresh air in and invite the sun to play. One by one, the bricks will fall and soon we will join those walking freely, running freely, and loving freely.