Never Apologize for Burning Too Brightly or Collapsing Into Yourself Every Night. That Is How Galaxies Are Made – Tyler Kent White

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life

The world pulls us to so many places. Gravity keeps our feet on the ground, and we run as fast as we can from one priority to the next. Some of us stop long enough to look at the stars, others have no idea stars exist. Some of us are traveling lightly; some of us are dragging baggage too heavy to carry. Some of us are lighting the way, some of us are still looking for the match.

The certainty lies in the evidence, we are all journeying along. Discovering our paths and piecing our hearts together with all of the stories we are living. Running, Walking, Skipping…we are all on our way. There is no need to apologize for your journey, for your light, for your darkness, for your openness, or for your discretion.

Keep on going, on your scenic routes or desolate paths. Burn bright, or collapse into yourself. After all, you are on your way to becoming a galaxy. Carry on.