Salvador Dali's The Melting Watch
Salvador Dali’s The Melting Watch

Here I am, complacent
Watching others chasing dreams
With a curious inclination
Did they wait for all lights to turn green?

Here I am, complacent
Day to night, night to day
Is my purpose not so blatant?
Did I lose my way?

Here I am, complacent
Wondering should I take the plunge?
Is it fear that holds me impatient?
Should I just stop and lunge?

Here I am, complacent
Not complacent, just obsessed.
The universe knows intention
Note to self: TRUST THE PROCESS.

Your Song

Well Conducted Cello by Suzanne Clark
Well Conducted Cello by Suzanne Clark

What is the song you’re playing?
What are the lyrics saying?

What’s the rhythm of your tune?
What’s the sound of the croon?

Does it sound like summer days?
Does it sound like nights you pray?

Does it sound like falling rain?
Does it sound like deep pain?

Does it make you feel enamored?
Does it make you feel inspired?

Does it leave you feeling sad?
Does it leave you feeling mad?

Does it make you forget troubles?
Does it make you remember struggles?

What is the song you’re playing?
What are the lyrics saying?

Invite me in for me to hear
That heart of yours, it has my ear.

The Light


Inside of me there’s a light that lives

A lantern to light the way

A soothing warmth it always gives

The speaker when I pray

Some assume there’s nothing there

but not everyone can see

The things I have, the clothes I wear

It’s the light, that defines me

For those of you who care to know

This light inside of me

Look in my heart, and I will show

How it was born to be

So for now, I sing out loud

 “This little light of mine”

Continue on, walking unbowed

“I’m gonna let it shine”

Inside of me there’s a light that lives

“Do you have one too?”

A warm hello and my love I give

To the light inside of you


Salvador Dali's Geopolitical Child
Salvador Dali’s Geopolitical Child

It’s the “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,”

The uncovering of lies and exposing the truth.

It’s the “what goes around comes back around”

The waiting for what has gone up to come back down.

It’s  the “where the mind goes, energy flows”

What is focused on is what grows.

It’s the river that flows into the sea

Evaporating back up, raining down onto the trees.

It’s the reaction to another’s action

Revenge and hate, a blind distraction.

It’s the dying of ego to be reborn

The healing of a heart after it has been torn

It’s shouting into the dark and frightening cave

It’s the echo that returns with the message you gave

It’s the lovely cosmic law and order, Dharma

It’s the unbiased effect of the cause, Karma.